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Glamour on a Grand Scale

A Hotel near Grand Central Station

Luxury hotels near Grand Central

A symbol of a city always in motion and a landmark of New York romance and grandeur, Grand Central Station is just a few steps away from 70 Park Hotel. Over 750,000 people stream through the Beaux-Arts building every day, and many come not just to ride the rails. Perhaps to slurp their lunch at the legendary Oyster Bar, to see the famous ceiling mural of the night sky in cerulean blue and gold leaf, or simply experience a place where travel will forever be glamorous. If you're looking for hotels near Grand Central Station, ours is just four blocks away.

See and Do at Grand Central Station:

  • 68 shops and 35 dining options
  • An eclectic market and food court
  • Campbell Apartment cocktail lounge
  • Audio or docent-led tours